A change in content direction (again)

Another blog post about my blog

I’ve realised (and have been told) that the more I post on this blog regarding my PhD study, the more incoherent and confusing this blog becomes. I need to document my PhD research somewhere, but this blog doesn’t seem to be the place: blog posts are too closely tied to the moment, too personal, too structured around text; and this blog in particular was never set up to be an academic repository of any kind. I feel too constrained by the blogging structure to put up ‘unfinished’ ideas here, and an ‘academic’ style of writing is odd when placed in relation to some of the other contents on here.

To address this issue, I’ve set up a dedicated site specific to documenting my research: http://phd.absentdesign.com. There is not much here at the moment (it is still very much a work in progress), but from now on it will be the go-to place for anything related to my research work.

This blog will now return to being a personal exercise: not so serious, more shorter thoughts and reactions, more of what’s going on with Absent Design and my other software venture, Paper Giant. More blogging.