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Rehearsal --> Performance

To get things rolling, some recent goings on…

I presented a few different takes on my PhD research recently, one to the Design Futures Lab at RMIT, another to a panel of researchers for my official PhD progress report. I got some great feedback, and had some interesting discussions about language, about archives, and about the difficulties of doing PhD research as an ‘interaction designer’ in a semi-commercial context. What this also means is that, once some paperwork is filled out, I’m officially half-way through my PhD. That was a quick year and a half.

The Living Archive team successfully launched a live prototype of the Circus Oz Living Archive, and it is being tested at Circus Oz during their Melbourne season. 

An app-development company I started earlier this year with my friend and colleague Chris Marmo has reached round 2 of the RMIT Business Plan Competition. We have an interesting app idea that has developed directly from our PhD research, and we hope to have it out by the end of the year all going well.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Talk Talk lately. Why didn’t I know about these guys when I played in a post-rock band?