Time… it flies. Sometimes.

It’s been more than a year since I released my first iPhone app, Time Flies. One year, 3 months, 4 days in fact. (Yes, I use my own app. If I didn’t do that, what kind of developer would I be?) It’s also been that long since I released my only iPhone app. I had plans to make more apps, but since then I’ve, let’s see… started a software development company with a friend, started a PhD, got married… you know… life, etc.

But this post isn’t to lament my lack of time to work on iPhone software. This post is to announce an update to Time Flies. An update! At last! With the two most requested features: reminders and data export. (It’s true what they say: you don’t have to respond to feature requests — you’ll hear about the most important ones again and again and again). I had planned for iCloud integration too (and have been working on it), but iCloud + Core Data is currently too unreliable for me to be happy releasing a product into the wild. I might rant more about my problems with this another day.

So now comes the part where time doesn’t fly: Apple’s obligatory “waiting for review” period. Expect the Time Flies update to show up on the app store in a week or so. Meanwhile, thanks everyone that has given me feedback over the last year, 3 months and 4 days — even if I don’t respond to your email, know that I read and appreciate every one — and thanks for waiting.