Oh how Time Flies, it flies away from me—an apology

At the start of this year I had this crazy idea. My crazy idea was this: Somehow I could enrol in a ‘full-time’ PhD research program, and yet (crazy, I know) still find time on top of my ‘full-time’ PhD research program to do other work on my own iPhone app(s).

Turns out I was wrong. Wrong wrong wrongity wrong. I guess I’m writing this post as something of an apology to all users of Time Flies, especially those who I foolishly promised changes ‘coming in the next update’.

I do hope the app is still useful to you all in its current incarnation (after all, it hasn’t changed), and I hope you all continue to find it useful. While updates are coming, I can’t honestly say when they will be, other that they won’t be soon.