That sure was fast…

After just one day in the App Store, Time Flies has been featured on both Gizmodo and Swiss Miss. I’ve also been getting a steady stream of emails and tweets this morning full of positive feedback and ideas for new features (the number one request being to release an iOS 3.1.3 version, which I’ll be getting on to as soon as I get my hands on an old iPod touch for testing).

I honestly didn’t expect to be getting all this attention!

What I’m happiest about is the fact that a lot of people have been telling me how useful the app is – when I gave up my commercial flash development job to start making software on my own, my main reasoning was that I really wanted to start making things that were useful to someone else.

A tried and true product development practice is dogfooding (as in “eat your own dogfood”) – make something you want to use, because then you’ll be passionate about it and really care about the result. I started this app as part of my “App a Week” project (it took much longer than a week in the end), and at the request of K (whom I have to credit with the initial idea). I went ahead and built an app that we would find useful in our own lives, and that fit with our tastes – simple, minimal, friendly, fast. And I’ve also often thought that if you think something is a good idea, chances are that at least one other person out there feels the same way – I guess I was right in this case.

So keep the feedback coming – I couldn’t be more pleased.