Baby Steps

I finished up for good as a Flash¬†developer last week. A few years ago I really thought that Flash would become a viable application development platform and In some ways I’m truly sorry it didn’t work out. Oh well… as they say….¬†Upwards! Forwards! Towards the Sun!

“Don’t plan the plan if you can’t follow through” – Dr. Horrible

And just how do I think I’m going to change from being a Flash developer to an app developer and interaction designer? I’ve set myself a few modest goals:

Within 3 months I want to be confident writing Objective-C – I want to understand the language and the foundation framework the way that I understand ActionScript-3 now. From the small amount of Obj-C I’ve done so far I think this is achievable.

Within 6 months I want to feel comfortable with the iPhone and iPad development frameworks – by this time I want to feel confident designing an app and building it from scratch. I also want to use this time to explore (and re-learn) various design and development methodologies and practices – exploring idea generation methods, rapid prototyping, the user-centered design process (among others).

I’ve lined up a few projects to work on to get me started – I want to make sure I stay working in the “real world” as much as possible – making apps that people are actually going to use: I’m working on an iPhone app (in collaboration with Chris Marmo) to do with data mapping and tracking, and an iPad app (with Jeremy Yuille) exploring ideas around visual representation and organisation of knowledge (more on both of these later).