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Monthly Archives: February 2014

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For the last 7 years I’ve been working as an “actionscript developer” or “flash developer” – a strange breed of programmer with a design background and no formal training. I became a programmer almost by accident – I was shuffled into flash development roles because I was looking for web design work at a time when flash was in high demand, and I had some skills in that area. The longer I stayed working in Flash, the longer I was branded as a developer, and in some ways, I just got stuck – it was to easy to keep working in a field where I could do well without struggling. For a while Flash was at the cutting edge of interaction design. For a while Flash was interesting.

But then I got tired. Over the last year I’ve begun to feel that Flash is a bit of a technological dead end. I’m no longer excited by the possibilities of Flash as a platform the way I am by iOS or HTML5. I think location aware technology is absolutely the way of the future and the iPhone is the perfect place to explore the fledgeling possibilities.

In my early graphic design and interaction design work (fresh faced and idealistic out of university), I loved the idea of designing small things and designing for small spaces – and what better small space to design for than one that you carry in your pocket?

I’m excited to be developing for new platforms. I’m excited to try and learn some real programming. And I’m excited to be desigining again.


I resigned from my position at Flint yesterday. Major changes are afoot!