WordPress and AS3 integration

UPDATE: The AS3 Library for the WordPress API is now available.

Recently I was searching around for an easy way to build a flash front-end for a WordPress managed website for a friend of mine. I was incredibly surprised to find that there doesn’t seem to be a properly integrated ActionScript library available for  WordPress XML-RPC, or if one is available, Google and the Actionscript community don’t seem to know about it.

So I’ve decided to build one.

I’ve had a little experience building ActionScript API libraries before when I was testing the Artbeat API with AQ – the Artbeat library has its flaws (not the least of which is no documentation of any kind), and I’ve learnt a lot from that experience.

My idea is single library that allows you to easily make all of the WordPress, MovableType, and Metaweblog API calls required to integrate flash with WordPress. I’m using Akeem Phillbert’s xml-rpc as3 library, as a base for the XML-RPC calls.

I’ll be posting my progress here as the library develops.